Loving Couples Erotica for Women I quiver as your lips touch me Couple kissing
Kissing on a mountaintop
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Stephen and Carla head up the mountain for a romantic picnic, away from it all. Before long, they're ignoring the scenery because they can't keep their eyes - or their hands - off each other. Stephen performs expert cunnilingus as the sun shines, and they make love as the afternoon wanes...
Making love outdoors
The sun was warm as they kissed, their bodies throbbing with desire
He sucks her nipple
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Helen and Scott enact a secret fantasy as she dons the Pretty Woman boots and lets herself become a woman of the night. Gorgeous Scott is a man who knows exactly how to push all the right buttons, licking and caressing her body until she can't control herself.
Fantasy fucking on the bed
He'd planned it all so carefully, and now she was having her fantasy fulfilled
Looking with love
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Gary may look like a wild biker type, but Jean knows he's a real sweetie underneath. Here they share tender moments together on the couch, before the fire of their passion heats things up. Gary's lips find their way to her most sensitive places, and his long cock fills her up.
Making love by candlelight
He looked like a wild warrior man, but he was always so tender in bed
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Sample Story
Anna felt so sensual in the sexy new leopard-skin lingerie dress, her heart began to beat faster the moment she put it on. The silk caressed her skin like soft tongues, she could feel it rubbing against her belly and breasts, and it didn't take long for her nipples to be erect.

She walked into the bedroom, where Josh, her husband lay on the bed. His eyes lit up when she entered, and his crotch quickly stood to attention as well. She watched love and desire transform his face, and he grinned in that cheeky, mock-innocent way of his.

"Happy anniversary, baby," she whispered with a smile, before padding over to the stereo and turning on some slow, sexy music...
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